Welcome, Winston! 

I usually take materials for the photo shooting with me. This time, it was quite spontaneous and I did not manage to reassemble all my belongings for the case of cases... Though I took with me some blankets, hats for the baby and some other accessories for the case. Since it was the family´s second child, and they liked to travel and had many hobbies, I found quite beautiful elements at their place, which I could use for the composition (like wooden alphabet blocks (from his sibling), Swiss style watch (since they live in Switzerland), flowers (which were there that day, probably a present for the mother) hobby elements like golf balls & kettle-bell. I also used their blankets under the baby to make him more comfortable and to have some background to emphasise the baby in the picture. 

   I think if I had used what I had brought that day with me, it would not have been so special because, I wanted to create something individual for the family. Something with meaning for them. All those elements in the picture (except meter) belong to the family.

When they grow older and one day look back at this picture, they can embrace their memories about this precious moment with some special details, which would let them travel in time and bring back wonderful memories. I hope so!